What I wore for New Year's!

1 01 2011

Happy new year!

I awoke to a very impatient cat trying to tear up my duvet in a bid to awake me from my wine induced slumber. I hope you all had an excellent new year as I did.

I went to an old Uni friend’s house where we ate home-made curries, naan bread the size of tea-towels and a copious amount of banoffee pie. I thank whoever came up with that concoction, my heart valves however, do not.

Aside from watching Jools Holland and all the old weirdos he wheels out every year, we played board games and had a lot of fun. Also, let me tell you what I wore last night. You may recall I picked up a knitted top at Zara in the sales earlier in the week – and here it is! Apart from the fact that the stores are always ludicrously busy, Zara has really grown on me as a brand which is quite interesting as they’ve not really advertised, their online store only went live this year (how crazy is that?) and the clothes are very European and cosmopolitan.

Knitted Top: Zara 22.99

T-Shirt: Top Man £10.00

Jeans: Gap 24.99

Boots: Red or Dead £125

2011 at The Superbite will kick off with a bang as I’m off to see The Way Back this afternoon so you can expect a review tomorrow and I’ve also got one or two articles in mind to help all of you who have made a new years resolution to get back into shape!

Enjoy your Saturday.





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