My Christmas Presents Part I

27 12 2010

There was Christmas Dinner, then there was Christmas Dinner part II with all the leftovers and today saw me, Mrs D.  and her family go for a walk in the local woods to work it all off. It was all very picturesque and since the walk featured an absolutely massive hill, a good bit of exercise too!

Christmas was a really nice day, great company and I received some thoughtful gifts which I will be featuring over the next couple of days starting with this Franklin and Marshall T-Shirt from The Menswear Site. I really like the colour and it’s a good fit so all in all it’s a great success.

The site should have a new look over the next couple of weeks after many begging texts, a mate has agreed to design a new banner for the site! He’s not answering my calls any more though so maybe he’s avoiding me. Honestly, you call someone 7 times between 3am and 5am on a Christmas day and they start getting weird about it.

Well I’ve got to that wonderful mindset where I no longer know what day it is so I hope you have a pleasant day after boxing day. Me and Mrs D. will be off to the January sales to see if we can spend our lovely Zara vouchers and I’ll also be getting a late Christmas present for an Aunt that I forgot about… whoops!




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