Chelsea Cobbler up to 50% off sale

24 12 2010

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all very well as Christmas moves closer. I’ve just awoken from a deep sleep after consuming near fatal levels of cheese… it led to the weirdest dreams where I had a luxurious head of hair. Sigh.

I’m celebrating Christmas at Mrs D’s mother’s house this year. This is significant as I am officially cursed with this house, me and Mrs D. lived here for a while between houses and as soon as I set foot in the building, I start breaking things. My track record (that I can immediately recall) includes:

  • Breaking a cherished little dish which was a gift from Tuscany whilst doing the washing up
  • Putting an ornamental knife in the dishwasher which led to all the gemstones coming off
  • Leaving the keys in the car (I was listening to the radio whilst washing it) overnight. The engine was off but I drained the car battery.
  • Not rolling a hosepipe up correctly which led to it freezing and cracking
  • My piece de resistance – Moving an ironing board only for it to collapse completely with the iron burning a nice hole into the carpet.

I mention all this because I’d been in the house no longer than 30 minutes, when I decided to go to the toilet. I pulled the light chord, heard a ping and the cable came off in my hand. It’s begun already!

So I’ve made a resolution to just sit in one place today, not touching or doing anything. Chelsea Cobbler, which is my  new favourite site, have announced a 50% sale until the end of January so I’ve picked one or two things I like the look of as I myself, have been on the hunt for a new pair of trainers for a while. I urge you to visit the site as they stock a number of brands that I really like and the sale prices are excellent to spend that £20 Christmas cheque you got from Granny.

VAULT, Firetrap was £95 now £55

SNAPPY DM, Dune was £70 now £40

RENT, Dune was £70 now £40

SADDLER, Dune was £70 now £35

SALAMANDER, Dune was £85 now £45

RALLEY, Dune was £70 now £35

All the pictures link to the images so why not take a look around? I’m probably post tomorrow as I know I have some comments that I’d like to reply to. I hope you are all happy and healthy this Christmas!





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