All I want for Christmas…

21 12 2010


The number of hilarious falls have increased significantly this past week – I’m allowed to laugh as I was one of them! Besides you can laugh at anyone falling in the snow unless they’re old. And even then that rule doesn’t apply if they’re also racist. It’s the law. We’ve had 6 inches of snow here and it’s steadily rising which has made me a bit nervous about traveling up north for Christmas.

Speaking of which, the day is nearly upon us, so I’ve written a wish list of what I’d love to get… although I’m not optimistic as last year my parents went completely off the grid and bought me a lemon tree from Homebase!

Leather Jackets

I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for a while. I’m of the opinion that given the right style, a leather jacket can look pretty cool. However, I’ve got it wrong before as my biggest fashion faux pas was a burgundy leather jacket. I bought it when I was a teenager thinking it looked like the one Brad Pitt wore in Fight Club. One night I wore it to a club when the bouncer asked in front of all of my friends and a girl I was trying to impress why I was wearing my mum’s coat? Humiliating. It was also the same nightclub where a bouncer made me pole dance to get in as they knew I was underage. Thinking about it, I hate that place! Still, I’ve not been put off leather jackets altogether and I think if that bouncer had a fully functioning brain, he’d quite like these too!

LOT 78 Leather Jacket, Matches Fashion

APC Chocolate Soft Leather Aviator Jacket

Motorcycle Jacket, Substance


Now it’s no secret that I am a fan of a blazer! I know I go on about them a lot but Matches Fashion, and TOPMAN all have a really nice selection. You’d think, after being forced to wear a blazer throughout schoolI’d be sick of them, but to quote Tupac, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Alexander Mcqueen Linen Jacket, Matches Fashion

Charcoal Navy Check Cropped Wool Blazer, D&G

Grey Herringbone Wool Suit Jacket, TOPMAN

Polo Shirt

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe its because the preppy look is very fashionable at the moment but I’ve got a real hankering for a polo shirt. Is that weird? I think my picks below prove that they don’t have to be drab looking affairs bought from Matalan.

Pique Polo Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger

John Smedley Edison Long Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Shirt, Midnight

Franklin & Marshall Striped Polo Shirt, ASOS


This is totally a preference thing. Skinny and Straight leg jeans suit my style better and I also like my jeans to look a bit distressed so that’s what I’ve gone with. I’m quite into wearing boots over jeans as well so it’s easier to carry that off with a slimmer fit. If you’re more into a baggy round the ass look that’s fine, The Menswear Site have a good range. I just know if I did it I’d look like a Church of England vicar doing a little Wayne impression.

Natural Selection Straight Leg Jeans, Matches Fashion

THEM ATELIER Skinny stretch jeans




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