Get the look: Chace Crawford

10 12 2010

Hi all,

Last night I was writing an incredibly rant-filled post filled with frustration and exasperation over having a little cold. I’ve since decided to man up and stop my complaining as I have too many people (on average 10 a day) relying on me to deliver a high-quality blog! Although I can’t resist telling you I got shouted at by a middle age woman in Waitrose petrol station today. I was filling my tyres up with air before I took the car to get an MOT. Running late and in need of petrol, I spotted another car coming round the corner so I pulled out into a pump space. No emergency braking was needed and I didn’t floor it Mr Bean style, but I knew as I filled up the car that was going to cost me. After paying at the till, feeling rubbish with a cold I walked past the queue of people when I heard an “Excuse me”. So I got a bit of a ticking off (she even mocked the size of my car!) and although I’d like to tell you that I had some witty James Bond-style repartee to counter her onslaught that rendered her defenceless and provoked laughter from all involved, I can’t.

All I could say was look constipated and say “Right… ok”.

What sort of a retort is that?!? I should have been more prepared as everyone knows that middle aged women are 27% more aggressive when they’re within 500 meters of a Waitrose or Marks and Spencers.

After that debacle, something that cheered me up was an email saying that I’ve been accepted onto a couple of new affiliate programs, one of them being If you take a look at their website you’ll see that they sell items from a lot of contemporary designers such as Richard James, ACNE and Phillip Lim as well as the stalwart menswear giants Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen. Maybe I’m delirious with fever, maybe I’m doped up out of my mind with Lemsip but I’m so confident of the depth in their range and the quality of the designers, I am going to write a Get the Look feature today using items solely from this website. (UPDATE: I was doped up with Lemsip so I had a bit of help from TOPMAN too).

I’ve cruising around cyberspace, I think I’ve settled on an appropriate victim case study: Chace Crawford. He’s on a show called Gossip Girl which follows the life of a group of over-privileged clowns who hang on the every word of a ego-maniacal blogger. Perish the thought.

I’m not too au fait with the show but I can tell you that when Mrs D. puts it on I die a little bit inside, but you can draw your own conclusions. However I’ve seen some pictures of Crawford and I will say through gritted teeth that the man can dress. I’ll give you some examples of what I’ve found:

So the first thing that strikes me from the images I’ve found is this guy loves trenchcoats and overcoats… a lot. I myself am a big fan of an overcoat especially in the Autumn and Winter and on the top row I’ve found a few from that definitely fit the bill. There’s a nice range of sharp formalwear and trendy casual clothing from the examples above with black Hugo Boss style shirts to Henley collared t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. All pictures link to the products so why not take a look?

Burberry Taupe Classic Double Breasted Trench Coat

Paul Smith London Black Wool Double Breasted Overcoat

Burberry Dark Grey Double Breasted Long Overcoat

PS Paul Smith Black Satin Shawl Collar Blazer

Hugo Boss Black Black Two Stripe Pique Polo

Lyle & Scott White Canvas Plimsolls

Stone Raw Edge Rib Granddad

Stone Bleached Check Shirt

Multi Colour Knit Scarf




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