Are you cold? Wear this…

1 12 2010

I just realised I completely forgot that today was the day I was supposed to take my bike into the shop for a service… damn you cold weather! I’m trying to rationalise why it’s the fault of the icy roads and I haven’t quite done it yet. It’s definitely not because I’m pants at remembering things oh no!

I’m sick of the news in the morning going on about it whenever it snows.

When I was 15 I went on a school snowboarding trip (don’t take this as a sign that my school was posh – this trip was a complete anomaly). In preparation for the -15 temperatures I bought some thermals. “These are great”, I thought, “I should have started wearing these years ago”. So I started clandestinely wearing them to school and was revelling in other kid’s coldness in the playground whilst I stood there warm and smug. It all hit the fan when it was P.E day however… I was called Long John Silver for about 6 months after that. Kids can be cruel.

However I’ve not changed my mind about wearing extra winter layers and I thought I’d write about something that is productive in the face of bad weather:


From the land that gave you the heated toilet seat, UNIQLO make clothing that turns the moisture from your body into heat… how cool is that? It goes by the name of HEAT TECH and Orlando Bloom models it, but don’t let that put you off. I’m thinking it would be an ideal gift for several people for Christmas because who doesn’t like to be warm? Mentalists, that’s who.

Not only do Heat Tech garments actively warm you, they also retain the heat, have an odour control agent and retain their shape after multiple washes. It’s a stark contrast from rifling round the £1 sock bin at Primark.

So looking at the items it seems they’d be ideal to wear under jackets, in bed or as an underlayer. UNIQLO are currently selling 2 shirts for £14.99. All pictures link to site, check them out:

HEATTECH Crenk Short Sleeve T Shirt

HEATTECH Mock Nk Long Sleeve T Shirt+

HEATTECH Polo Nk Long Sleeve T Shirt

HEATTECH Brushed Long Johns

HEATTECH Multi Stripe Long Johns A

2P HEATTECH Pile Line Socks




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