Get into Cycling, Evans Cycle Bike Codes

29 11 2010

I’m glad to announce that I’m now an official affiliate for Evans Cycles. The company have a prestigious history and a great reputation so I’m really pleased.

This article is mostly directed at those who are looking to get into cycling, but Evans Cycles stock bikes built for the advanced rider as well. I’m not going to claim to be an cycling expert or anything; I don’t go on holidays to the Alps with my mates to watch the Tour, but I did get a decent roadbike last year with a scheme they run at my work and haven’t looked back.

It’s tougher in the winter but I love the way that I can get to places quickly despite the fact petrol prices are stupidly high. As an excercise it’s a really great, low impact/high cardio workout which will improve your overall stamina. It will also give you a lot more power in your quads which is useful if you do any other sports that involve a burst of speed.

Personally speaking, I chose a roadbike as I needed a bike that would be suitable for a triathlon I had coming up, but there’s so many options available I felt compelled to write a post about it.

Evans Cycles have sent me some exclusive discount codes so it must be fate:

Get 15% off the Diamond Back bikes.
Use code: DIA15

Get 10% off Blank BMX bikes.
Use code: BLANK10

Expires midnight Sunday 5th December

The Road Bike

Specialized Allez Sport Triple 2010 Road Bike

I admit it, I’ve been a bit biased starting with this but I just love road bikes now.  I bought it for a triathlon/commute to work and even though it’s not the most practical choice as an everyday bike, it’s a lot of fun. It’s great for when you’re racing a mate as it’s very quick of the block and I particularly love the fast way they get you from A to B with the minimum of hassle. My bike is lesser model of the bad boy pictured. This one has 3 front chainrings (the cogs on the pedal) whereas I only have two so this one has somewhere extra to go to when your going downhill. With that extra purchase and the bike’s super light carbon frame, you can reach breakneck speeds. It’s moments like that which make a roadbike so fun to ride.

The Mountain Bike

GT Outpost 2010 Mountain Bike

My first love. I think the Mountain Bike is what most kids get as a first bike. They’re sturdy, versatile and there’s a massive choice depending on your budget. It’s really nice to have the option to take your bike off-road with most decent models coming with shock absorber suspension. My friend was a keen runner but had to give it up due to injuries. He got a mountain bike and loves taking it up the hills for a ride and doesn’t have to worry about the strain of high impact exercise. You can take your pick between disc or v-brakes and most mountain bikes have an extra low (Granny Gear) for when you are tackling that mamma-jamma of a hill.

The Hybrid

Gary Fisher Monona 2010 Hybrid Bike

What it says on the tin. Hybrids combine all the sexy bits of mountain bike construction with a more practical road set-up for easier cycling. Hybrid bikes have really come to the forefront with the recent increase in urban and commuter cycling. If you like the idea of having a speedy bike, with the ability to load up for work or that you can take on a country ride, the Hybrid is for you!

The Touring Bike

Ridgeback Voyage 2011 Touring Bike

Great for comfort. Long distances/commutes aren’t a problem with a touring bike and I can’t think of a model I’d rather have for a cycling holiday abroad. Mrs D. wants a touring bike as she likes the comfort, performance and the ability to put all her work stuff on. If you’re willing to fork out, you can get a speedy model too!




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