Word to a friend…

23 11 2010

My friend has just started reading the blog and has requested that write more about UNIQLO. “Fine” I said, “Anything in particular?”

“I’ve been running everyday for the last couple of months and I’ve lost some weight. Now I’m slimmer, none of my clothes fit. I love UNIQLO so write about whatever will fit my frame”.

So my friend is 6″4 so pretty tall but I think these skinny jeans from UNIQLO will fit him well and will really show off his weight loss. Throw in a Grungy deep v neck t-shirt from Topman which will accentuate the shoulders, a blazer style denim jacket and a pair of cool boots and you can show off you newly slender shape.

Click the links to go straight to the products. I’d especially recommend checking out UNIQLO and the TOPMAN t-shirt section. For the quality and innovative design, the price is really great value.

Skinny Jeans B, UNIQLO £24.99

Black Deep V-Neck T-Shirt, TOPMAN £7.00

Navy Washed Denim Jacket, TOPMAN £40.00

SCOTTY, Dune £110.00




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