Exercise Advice: Supplements

22 11 2010

Good morning!

Apologies for the technical problems recently but I think they’ve all been sorted out now. You’ll notice the site is looking a bit more polished so drink it in.

Some friends came to visit and one of them is going through a going to the gym every day phase. I’ve been there so I can empathise. He’s also drinking protein shakes to supplement his workouts.

I think as long as you remember that supplements are a supplement for your workout and not a replacement, they are pretty useful to give you that extra something. There are a whole range of products out there and some I will endorse and some that based on personal experience I would advise against taking (creatine for example) for a range of reasons: there are questions about creatine and whether it causes damage to your kidneys and although I can’t really confirm or deny it, I just know I didn’t quite feel right taking it. Also, creatine does act fast but you’ve got to find an exercise regime that is sustainable. If you’re low on cash or you don’t feel you can do something long-term, then why even start?

I thought protein shakes worked very well: The results vary a lot and the cheaper whey protein powders that you get in health food shops didn’t really do a great deal. Maximuscle protein products are phenomenal. I got really good results, gained muscle and I didn’t feel like I was just becoming bloated. I’ve listed some products below and divided them by sport depending on what you want to get out of your workout. If you play field sports or athletics, I’d advise against the products which will bulk you up and you don’t want to compromise speed. Using the strength gaining supplements alongside regular strength building exercises at the gym will get your body in a condition where your strength will increase in proportion to your speed.

I’m not just plugging these needlessly either, I’ve used these products and these are the one’s that I think work. I’ve consciously left stuff off as well as I’m not another blogging commission monkey!

Bulk up (Weight lifting, Powerlifting, Pre-Season Weight gain for Rugby, Wrestling, Judo)

Maximuscle Progain

HMB 1000

Maximuscle ZMA

Gain Strength (Rugby, Football, Martial Arts, Climbing, Weight training, Boxing)



PROMAX Crisp Bars

Endurance (Cycling, Running, Field Sports, Athletics, Triathlon)

VIPER Sports Drink

VIPER Boost Gel


I think it’s important not to get too caught up with supplements as there is no replacement for a good diet and the right training, but if you are looking to shave that extra minute off your time or step up your game, they certainly have a place.




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