Saville Row Co. Christmas Discount Code!

16 11 2010

Good evening to one and all!

I’ve been thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas and have come to the conclusion that noone will be getting anything. So there!

It’s cold and dark and I’ve been kicked in the elbow. So I’m grouchy.

However, for those of you who aren’t a tight grump Saville Row Company are offering you any Shirt, Tie and Gift Set for £42! Not that I’m some sort of Victorian skinflint or anything but give someone 3 presents and you will look like a modern day philanthropist. You’ll most likely possibly be carried upon your loved one’s shoulders like a king.

Here are some picks for you to go berserk over! Or just click on, do what feels right.

Cobalt Blue Satin Silk Tie, Handkerchief and Cufflink Gift Set

Blue/Purple Stripe Cutaway Fitted Collar

Blue/Grey Herringbone Woven Skinny Silk Tie

Pink Satin Silk Tie, Handkerchief and Cufflink Set

Blue Cutaway Collar Fitted Shirt

Teal Blue Floral Silk Tie

When you’re at the checkout, type in the code XMAS1 It’s a great present idea!

I’m really impressed by the patterns and really nice cuts of the shirts, the cutaway collars especially! All pictures link to the site so have a look.




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