Up to £30 off House of Fraser Partywear

15 11 2010

Word up!

I saw the first Coke advert on TV today so officially Christmas is upon us. I know, I’ve tried to hold it off for as long as possible but time keeps a rollin’

Today’s post brought to you from the people who gave you photocopying your arse, getting drunk and telling your boss what you think of him and paying £25 on a dinner only to sick it up onto your shoes.

That’s right… Christmas Party time! Now I’m sure you’ve got too much class to do any of the aforementioned things. Well done, you’ve really grown. As a reward I will let you look at all the goodies I found at House of Fraser as they have launched their Christmas Party collection where you can get up to £30 off per item.

So some fashion/Office Party do’s and do not’s


Take the opportunity to wear a black suit. Yes it’s dressy but I feel like James Bond.

Look sharper than most. If it’s a bit too casual a setting for black, there’s no reason why you can’t be the best dressed guy there. How about a sharp Paul Smith suit?

Be adventurous! A flashy tie, a cravat, noone says you have to dress conventionally.


Be the drunkest person there. It’s a strange thing, everyone judges people who are drunker than they are, so don’t be bottom of the barrel. Definitely don’t get so drunk you can’t find your way to the restaurant toilet and you end up peeing yourself… I’ve seen it done.

Tolerate the office bore. Just because I’m out in public with you I don’t need to hear how meat should be sold with a picture of a cow getting it’s brains blown out to show the cruelty inflicted on animals. Merry Christmas!

Wear brown shoes with a black suit. That’s a showstopper friendo… that should carry jail-time in my book.

All pictures are linked to the correct page so make sure you get your outfit now!

Paul Smith Pattern Stripe Formal Shirt

Alexandre Savile Row White plain regular fit dress shirt

Alexandre Savile Row Lilac striped slim fit shirt

Alexandre Saville Row Blue Formal Jaquard Tie

Alexandre Savile Row Silver brocade tie

Kenneth Cole striped silk tie

Linea Stripe square cufflink

Hugo Boss Diagonal stripe cufflink

Hugo Boss Enamel logo cufflink

Dune Alarms Shoes

Ted Baker Greco lace-up shoes

Dune Arctic Shoes




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