Get the Look: Joseph Gordon Levitt

12 11 2010

Righty righty.

At the gates to my work today I was on my bike when my stupid shoelaces got caught in the chain. I couldn’t get through the gate and cyclists started to queue up behind me. After 10 seconds or what felt like a lifetime, I thought a colleague would help me out… no, a man started shouting at me. So I stumbled through the gate with a bike attached to my foot.

I told you I’d get the “Get the Look” feature today! So I’ve chosen Joseph Gordon Levitt this week. I know it’s not a choice that comes to mind straight away, but I thought he looked ultra sharp in Inception and I stumbled across a shoot he did for American GQ. The shoot was done back in 2009 so a lot of the stuff can’t be found online anymore, that awesome check suit he’s wearing for example, but I think I’ve dug out some good picks.

In my humble opinion, it appears that Joseph, or Joe to his mates, combines traditional fifties cool with 1920’s style dapper clothing. He’s just as at home wearing jeans and a cool, collar-up jacket as wearing a sharp, impeccably cut formal suit.

If you’re not convinced take a look at some pictures I’ve found:




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