Men's Essentials: Shoe Care

10 11 2010


Apologies for the late post, I’ve been writing a “Get the Look” feature which I will hopefully finish tomorrow, but it’s turning out to be a lot harder than I thought. The individual is an amazing choice if I do say so myself!

So as a bit of a quickie I thought I’d impart some wisdom to you. I have a couple of pairs of expensive shoes. I wear them at work, to more formal occasions and on business – one pair black/one brown. I love these shoes as they are simple but elegant and I’ve had them a while. They are in great shape and I credit that to the subject I’m covering today.

So some simple rules to care for your shoes.

1. Don’t wear them for a commute: I tend to keep my shoes at work and take them home at the end of the week. Brown one week, black the next. If you can get away with it, wear trainers on your commute otherwise the soles of your shoes will get punished and you’ll be replacing the heel quite quickly!

2. Polish & Cream: Like your face requires cleansing and moisturising, so do your shoes. It will keep the leather supple and you’ll find that the process is strangely therapeutic. For those who don’t know how to do it, use the coarser brush to apply the polish until the leather has a matte effect and then use the finer brush to buff away until the shine is to your liking.

3. Cobblers: Every now and again your heels will wear down. But don’t cry, before your soles get too worn down, take them to the cobblers and they will replace the heel and reline the sole for a fraction of the price of a new pair of shoes.

4. Replace the insoles: Stocked at supermarkets, boots, just about anywhere. It’s good hygeine for your feet and it will keep walking comfortable.

In terms of products, all men should have the following:

Shoe Brushes: Seperate brushes for different colour polishes

Shoe conditioning cream: Although leather has gone through a treatment process and repeatedly polished, it’s still an organic material that requires moisture. In between polishes (I polish my shoes every week but it’s a preference thing) rub the conditioning cream into your shoes to prevent the leather drying out and potentially cracking. Doing this will keep your shoes supple and give them a longer life.

Shoe Trees: If you have spent a lot of money on your shoes and you want them to keep their shape, shoes trees will double the life of your shoes I promise! They’re quite inexpensive and you can get them here.

Apologies for the abruptness of my post but I am knackered!

More tomorrow





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25 11 2010
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