Designer Profile: Lanvin

8 11 2010

What a weekend I had… whilst trying to jump over a metal barrier at a Matalans carpark (don’t worry, that’s not this week’s Designer Profile) I smacked  my knee full on. Hurt like hell!

So this weeks profile will be hastily written in trademark fashion before I go out to running club. Then I’ll check for all the crazy grammatical errors when I get back.

I’ll be moving away from the contemporary this week and focussing more on a traditional French couturière and one of the most influential designers of the 1920’s and 30s – Jeanne Lanvin and the Lanvin Fashion House.

Jeanne Lanvin - What a cougar.

Started by it’s namesake at the turn of the 20th century, Lanvin specialised in mother/daughter garments and didn’t move into making menswear until over 20 years later. Despite beginning as a family company, the oldest fashion house still in operation has gone from being a the creme de la creme of the fashion world, to out of fashion, to part-owned by Midlands bank, to fully-owned by L’Oreal and back to the top again under the steerage of a Taiwanese Media Magnate… as you do.

Originally Jeanne Lanvin was known for her floral designs and intricate embroidery, but today’s menswear is a complete step change, in a good way. This year’s winter collection focuses on more orthodox colours: navy’s, greys, blacks, browns, with a futuristic feel.

I am especially enamored with Lanvin suits… single breasted, single vent and really nicely tapered to accentuate the shoulders without making you look like a Mafioso. Matches Fashion stock Lanvin so here are some of my picks from their site. Lanvin is also a guest designer for H&M for those on a budget, so I’ve put a link in. I would put some pictures on but it’s all flash player on their site… inconsiderate is what it is!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s designer profile. If you are looking to be a dapper chap with a touch of European chic, you now have one more string to your bow!


Lanvin Contrast Colour Shirt, Matches Fashion

Lanvin Grey Checked Suit, Matches Fashion

Lanvin Waffle Knit Cardigan, Matches Fashion

Lanvin Hooded Top, Matches Fashion

Lanvin Suede Shoes, Matches Fashion

Lanvin Classic Gloves




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