Film Review: Let Me In

5 11 2010

What a miserable night! Apologies for the late post but I’ve just come out of the cinema and cycled home in the rain. Now I’m back home with a cup of tea so without further ado, I’d like to tell you about the film whilst it’s fresh in my mind.

So Let Me In… cast our mind back to when you were 12. Remember the rollerblading? the school canteen? math class? What about when you befriended a new girl who moved into your apartment building and people started turning up dead?


Just this kid then. Kodi Smit-Mcphee continues his run of touching but bleak movie roles (see The Road – amazing movie but extremely sad) playing a young boy named Owen. He’s bullied at school by some little psycho, his parents are going through a messy divorce and he is extremely lonely. One night a girl called Abby (Chloe Moretz) and her guardian move in next door and the two become friends.

The town then starts to experience a series of gruesome murders and it isn’t long before Owen starts to see Abby in a different light.

The story runs in two strands; one part is a touching story of friendship reminiscent of My Girl, the other part is an extremely sad story of dealing with being cursed and causing misery to everything you touch… I know, cheery right?

I was really touched by the story of friendship and the innocence of that first love. Abby supports Owen in his struggle against the bullies and provides sanctuary away from his sad life. The movie also has a dark side which provided a lot of tense moments for me and Mrs D! I thought the performances of the Moretz and Smit-Mcphee were exceptional and from what I’ve seen, they’re both real talents. Let’s hope Hollywood doesn’t chew them up and spit them out. Good child actors are a rarity (Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe for example were/still are utter shite).

The location Los Alamos, New Mexico in the snowy winter is ideal. Owen says at one point “People don’t move here, they move away from here”, which I think really summed it up.

It’s a well scripted story which doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. I really enjoyed it but don’t expect Twilight, it’s a lot more Noir than that.





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