Get the look: George Lamb

3 11 2010

Out of all the pleasant experiences that life throws at you, is there anything better than when you peel that yoghurt lid off to find that no yoghurt has come away with the lid? I think not.

I was thinking about who to profile for my “Get the Look” feature and came up with George Lamb. There’s a fine line between taking pride in the little details of your appearance: taking care of your clothes, regular haircuts, personal hygiene for example and letting your appearance obscure all aspects of your life. Regardless of whether you approve of his style, George is always immaculately turned out with a lot of care taken with those small details. He also picks contemporary clothes with classic undertones that suit his body-shape perfectly.

I wont go into it too much as he’s next week’s Designer Profile but George is a one-time patron, now business partner of A. Sauvage, menswear’s next big thing. Let that sink in for a bit. You wouldn’t put your money into something you aren’t passionate about and neither has he. The man lives and breathes menswear.

Can you tell I like him?

Take a look at some pictures of George if you need convincing and then I’ll tell you how to get the look…

Looking at the pictures, hopefully some common themes are coming through:

1. Blazers don’t have to be formal – George can dress casually without dressing down. If it’s a more casual setting why not try putting a linen jacket over a t-shirt? Or a light wool sweater over a shirt and tie? If you work in an office where smart-casual is the name of the game, you really must give this a try and let the compliments roll in.

2. Mix and Match – This is what separates the slave to trend from the trailblazer. Jackets and trousers shouldn’t have to come from the same brand to compliment one another. The top right image is a perfect example. The trousers and jacket aren’t a perfect match, but by God do they work. He also isn’t slow to pay homage to more classic styles like the bowtie, pocketsquare or the turtleneck jumper. You’ve got to take a chance with these things!

3. Find your fit – Slim fitting suits really suit George’s wirey frame. The tapered midriff prevents the wearer from looking mono-shaped and accentuates the shoulders. Slim fitting shirts and jackets are very much in at the moment and you can find out where below.

4. Roll your sleeves up – I’d only recommend this for casual blazers or jumpers as getting a formal suit repressed every time you wear it will work out very costly indeed! Why not put a tastefully patterned shirt (not too busy mind) underneath to provide that extra layer of depth when you roll the sleeves up.

5. Protect your neck – In the words of Wu Tang. I had a lot of difficulty finding pictures of George without some sort of item around his neck. Bowties, cravats, snoods, scarves – all add another dimension to an outfit, another pattern, another texture, another material, another depth – George utilises this without making the outfit too busy and he’ll tone down the rest of the outfit to make these items the centre piece.

Here are some things I’ve lovingly found for you to get the look. As always, click the pictures to go straight to the item!

Acne Roc1 white trousers

Ted Baker Pashion Minowa Bowtie

Topman Blue Jersey Skinny fit Blazer

Ted Baker Pashion Kier Single Breasted 1 button suit

A. Sauvage Cord Trousers, Matches Fashion

ZARA Cashmere Jacket

Topman Olive Ultra Skinny Trousers

Mainline Italjob Shawlneck Button-through chunky knitwear

Topman Brick Ultra Skinny Trousers

Acne Herr One Sleek Dress Shoes

Momentum White Boat Shoes

Austin Reed Men's Viyella Green & Lilac tapered jacket




5 responses

5 11 2010

Thanks for your kind words about our George Lamb interview. You’ve definitely got him down to a T here, he was wearing the cords pictured above in blue when we met him, so suave…

6 11 2010
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8 11 2010
Pour Homme

Love this man’s style and your picks are great – cracking post!
Check out my George Lamb style feature here:

20 11 2010
email marketing

i adore this website. i just alerted my friend harry about this because he likes this sort of info too!

15 01 2011
Funny Shirts

Fantastic post. Looking forward to your next one. Gretings from Arizona.

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