Designer Profile: Carolyn Massey

1 11 2010

I was going to begin this post whinging about it being Monday and all that, but I then I thought you don’t need that negativity in your life! After all, life is good and I have thought of an idea for a feature so I’ll throw it over and if you don’t like it, throw it back.

I think the main hurdle for men in dressing well is accessibility. There are so many great designers, but there’s a good chance that anyone who is looking to better their wardrobe might not have heard of them. Fashion, after all, is about exclusivity and you don’t get that by overreaching. My case in point is Von Dutch, Burberry etc – these brands cashed in on their credibility by spreading themselves too thin.

But there’s nothing wrong with creating a little buzz, so I’m going to write regular profiles of designers that have featured in International fashion weeks that you probably haven’t heard of.

So let’s start with Carolyn Massey – The London based Menswear designer graduated from the Royal College of Art and Design in 2005, launching her eponymous label in Paris just 12 months later. She’s setting the pace in a market typically populated by male designers and her collections have regularly featured in International fashion weeks.

I think her pieces have a Japanese influence fused with quintessentially English cuts. I’m also very excited to say that her designs are being made available as a concession label through TOPMAN. Who says you have to work hard to find high fashion?

Here are highlights from some of her shows over the past 3 years:







I’m a big fan, especially of her Autumn/Winter 08 collection and I hope you are suitably impressed/inspired too! All pictures link to her products at TOPMAN and if you would like to know more about Carolyn, visit her site.




2 responses

3 11 2010

I love Topman, its a terrific brand. Thank you for the addition to your blogroll! Your blog is quite cool, I’d be happy to add it to my links too, since yours is a well conceptualized and visually stunning blog.

3 11 2010

Thankyou you’re very kind. Reading your blog has inspired me to step up my game! I look forward to reading more from you.

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