Squat's love got to do with it?

30 10 2010

Good morning loyal readers and Bangledeshi spammers. I didn’t realise when I started writing a blog how persistant those blighters are. Take this one for instance:

I’m thankful for this beneficial brilliant page; this could be the variety of subject that sustains me though out the day.We’ve often heard been not long ago looking close to inside your web-site ideal immediately after I noticed about these from a near good friend and was delighted when I was in a very placement to acquire it adhering to looking out for some time.

… What? I am a big fan of bad translation so I’m not totally aggrieved but it gets a bit tiring deleting this rubbish. I’d like a normal comment every now and again just so I know that some legitimate people are reading and enjoying the site… or even if you just want to call me a knob, I’ll take that.

Anyway, gym-day today so as usual I’ve got an exercise for you to try. Past exercises have focused on the core, arms and chest so I thought I’d do one for the legs today. This exercise is called the dumb-bell squat and if you haven’t had experience performing this kind of exercise, it’s a concentrated workout for hamstrings, lower back and glutes (which is the ass to you and I).

Good form and technique is important for this one so start with a lower weight if you’re new to this. Start by placing the dumb-bells at either side of you, stand with your feet about a shoulder-width apart and toes facing slightly outwards for stability. Then, keeping your feet in place, squat down to the floor and grip the weights. At this point, your lower back should be arched, thighs parallel to the ground, knees in line with your feet.

Keeping your head up, back arched, abs taught, drive the weight up with your legs (not your back) and stop just before you lock your legs. This will ensure you don’t put unnecessary stress on your knee joints. Once standing, squat back down using the same path.

Strength: 5-10 reps doing 80% of your maximum lift.

Bulk up: 1-3 reps doing 90% of your maximum lift.





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