Men’s Essentials: Wallet

28 10 2010

About 35 minutes ago I sat down to write this post, switched on spotify, selected Queens of the Stone Age “Songs for the Deaf” and got sidetracked by what was possibly the biggest air guitar session ever known. So sorry about that.

Straight to business… you’re at a bar celebrating your promotion at work. All your work colleagues are there, well the ones you like anyway. The drinks are flowing and your having such a good time the hours are going by like minutes.

You’re flying high. Maybe it’s the 5 bottles of imported German beer you’ve sunk, maybe you’ve just been hiding that you’re secretly an uber confident Sean Connery type, I don’t know I’m not a doctor. It’s at this point that you summon the courage to go and say hello to the stunning girl that’s sitting at the other end of the bar.

All the pieces are falling into place: the promotions got you feeling confident, all your jokes are landing, she’s laughing with plenty of eye contact and you’re at that excellent point of innebriation where you’re oblivious to consequence but not slurring your words.

You ask to buy her a drink and she accepts, your work mates are looking over her shoulder giving you air fives and then it happens…

You pull out the velcro wallet.

The music stops, you’re friends are mortified… wait, is the girl crying? The doorman comes over and asks if there’s a problem, he sees the wallet and proceeds to throw you out of your own party.

It could have all been avoided if you had a wallet that didn’t say that you still live with your parents.

Luckily for you, The Superbite wont have you humiliating yourself so here are some excellent, sophisticated bill holders  from John Lewis and Selfridges that will convince all and sundry that you are indeed a cultured, enigmatic man of taste. All pictures link straight to the products so have at it:

Mulberry 8 card hold leather wallet - Oxblood. £130

Paul Smith Ball Billfold Wallet - £155

Aspinal Leather and Snakeskin Double Fold Credit Cardholder £49

HUGO BOSS Black Wallet £85

Ted Baker Leather Billfold Wallet £45

Ted Baker Leather Punchout Patterned Cardholder Wallet £50

Bonsoir mes amis!




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