Get the look: Taylor Lautner

27 10 2010

My legs hurt from football and I’ve got a belly full of salmon pasta so it must be Wednesday!

So I’m blasting out Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk to provide the motivation to write another “Get the look” article. The last one was a massive success receiving over 4 views! People ask me if internet success has changed me. It definitely has. I know I said I’d write a men’s essentials article today, but you can’t stifle creativity… authors prerogative!

Today’s fashion case study is Taylor Lautner of Twilight fame. I just want to make it clear, I don’t like Twilight honest! But I think we can all agree (and the way Mrs D. reacts to him is testament to that) he is one good looking scoundrel and you could do a lot worse than note his dress sense.

So I think we’ve got to start from the top! Taylor seems to have a medium hold gloss product in his hair… possibly a paste. It doesn’t take a huge amount to get the hold he has in this picture. The important thing is to rub the amount evenly into both palms and apply to towel-dried hair. A product that will get you this look is Disrupt Fibre Gum by Redken

Next is the jacket. I looked EVERYWHERE for a short sleeved, round necked leather jacket but Taylor must own his own leather tannery because I couldn’t find one! However Ted Baker make a long sleeved equivalent which I think looks just as good and is more practical considering winter is setting in!

This t-shirt from TOPMAN provides a basic under-layer to let the jacket do it’s thing. The  “grandad” shape of the collar also compliments the jacket’s round neck.

Finally, it seems like Taylor prides himself on being a man of style and simplicity and you could round this look off as well with a pair of Grey Levi 501’s from House of Fraser.

Ted Baker LOGGAN leather jacket £330

Navy Acid Wash Grandad £18

Levi's Regular Grey 511 Jeans £75

It’s a really stylish, casual look!

Hasta Mañana





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