Film Review: Paranormal Activity 2

26 10 2010

Good Evening,

Firstly, I’d just like to thank you for all the nice comments about the blog. I started writing this as a hobby so it’s nice/scary that people seem to care about what I think! Anyway one of the comments suggested that I add a “subscribe” function to the page so ask and you shall receive. Now you can get a Superbite fired into your inbox once a day. You’re welcome!

So I just got out of Paranormal Activity 2 and as promised here’s the review!

If you saw the first installment of Paranormal Activity, it was about a couple who were plagued by strange occurrences in their house. It starts with small things and then escalates until your nerves are completely shot to pieces. It was filmed for a tiny budget and then went on to become an international hit!

And now we have the second installment. Its a prequel so it’s set before all the scary happenings of the first film take place. So this means Paranormal Activity 2 focuses on the girl from the first film’s sister and her family. By doing this we see the girl from the first film and her boyfriend visit the house as a nod to the audience.

It’s pretty much the same formula and starts with small freaky things that can be written off as a coincidence and escalates to madness. This time however, the spirit is intent on taking the family’s young child. Unfortunately, because I had seen this exact formula before it was completely expected. There’s a lot of everyday boring stuff which is supposed to build tension, but something about it was just predictable. Kitchen pans fall down, doors slam, the TV flickers but there was none of the possession stuff that made the first film so freaky. In Paranormal Activity it was really unnerving when the girl got up in the middle of the night and stood watching over her boyfriend but that was completely absent in this movie. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t jump at all but if someone makes a loud noise unexpectedly, you jump… it doesn’t equate to a good film.

It’s got it’s scary bits and the audience did participate in the experience, but I was checking my watch at times which isn’t a good sign. Also, I feel like this film is riding on the back of all the goodwill it’s predecessor received. This is quite crazy when you consider the first film cost thousands of dollars whilst this one cost MILLIONS.

As there’s not a lot on, I’d go and see it but not a classic by any means.


Tomorrow, I’ll be focussing another men’s essential: The Wallet!





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