Ted Baker Special Offer!

25 10 2010


For a Monday I’m in quite a good mood. By all rights it should be foul as I slept terribly! I did that thing where you have a bad dream, wake up and then convince yourself someone is burgling your house. I laid awake for about 45 minutes staring at a dark doorway, which I think you can agree are the actions of a lunatic.

I’m trying to get in a good mood! I have running club in an hour and am listening to ‘Radioactive’ by Kings of Leon from their new album, “Come around sundown”. Happy days.

I swear I had a point when I started writing this… oh yes! I know it’s early but if you are thinking of getting some cufflinks either for yourself or as a Christmas present, Ted Baker are currently doing a deal where if you buy any shirt from their ‘Archive’ range, you get a pair of excellent cufflinks for nowt. Not for ‘owt mind. Nowt.

Here are some of the Archive shirts and cufflinks that have taken my fancy (pictures and links go straight to Ted Baker):

Ted Baker QUINSE striped jacquard shirt

Ted Baker GREEKA bengal striped shirt

Ted Baker WELSCH segemented stripe shirt

Ted Baker MULOO cufflink

Ted Baker FLORET cufflink

Ted Baker ONYMUS cufflink

Enjoy! I swear you’ll get the Paranormal Activity 2 review soon as I’ll be seeing it tomorrow night!





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