Brace Yourself.

24 10 2010

Bit of a mixed evening as I drank cider with a friend whilst watching my football team win but on the other hand, I went with another group of friends to a showing of Paranormal Activity 2, only to arrive at the cinema and find that it had SOLD OUT.

However, the upside/downside? for you is that I now have time to write a post! I was watching a music channel last night and it struck me that a lot of the men on there are wearing braces! I was always a fan of braces but admittedly, the last time I wore them I was five and the braces in question had little spaceships on them… these guys wish they were that cool!

Anway, here are some famous brace wearers:

Ne-yo rocking the braces

David Beckham with a unique take!

Olly Murs

Andre 3000

I reckon I’m on to something here! A nice slim fit shirt, no tie, some fitted trousers (blue or grey so it doesn’t look like I’m going to a cocktail party) and a pair of braces (pictured) from House of Fraser.

Berwin and Berwin Black Braces

I think I’m onto something here so good or bad, I’m going to buy a pair, wear them to work and let you know what happens.






2 responses

29 11 2010

I have always been a fan of braces, and having seen more guys waring them recently, I have “come out” and let mine be seen in public. Nobody made any rude comments, and the gals loved to twang them. All guys should try them!

29 11 2010

Thanks for the comment!

After writing this, I took the plunge and ordered some braces. I got a lot of positive comments from my work colleagues although someone did ping them pretty hard. All in all though I think it was a great success!

Well done for taking the plunge. You have to try these things.

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