Mocca-sin City

21 10 2010

I’ve come over all homely today. I might be because it’s cold outside and I’m sitting here in my dressing gown, slippers with a lovely cup of tea. I’ve just watched Karl Pilkington eat the penis of a camel and True Blood is on in less than an hour.

The one thing that would turn my relaxation to the point of being catatonic are these moccasins from Ted Baker. If you don’t have slippers, they are amazing for the following reasons:

1. Protection against cold kitchen floors.

2. If you are feeling lazy you don’t have to put on outdoor shoes to take the rubbish out.

3. They’re awesome.

Ted Baker, Bobal black suede moccasin slipper, £45

Ted Baker, Suede backless moccasin slipper, £45

The only downside I can think of is if you wear slippers with bare feet and then you have friends round. And then you take them off. And then Mrs D. highlights to your guests that it’s your feet that smell. And then you cry. That’s completely hypothetical by the way…

As your feet are sad and cold, with those annoying gritty bits sticking to your soles that might be bread crumbs from the kitchen floor but you’re not sure, think of me, in my magnificent moccasins.




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