I'm ill. Look at this.

20 10 2010

Right everyone, shut up.

I’ve got a cold coming so I’ll keep this brief. Before I became infected with this plague, I was tricked into going to Marks and Spencers Home with Mrs D. Whilst being bombarded by soft furnishing, I managed to slip away into the electronics department and found the most amazing camera. Luckily my chums at Simple Electronics stock it too:

Fuji Finepix XP10

This is the Fuji Finepix XP10. Check out these features:

– 12.2 Megapixels
– Fujinon 5x Optical zoom
– 3m Waterproof
– 1m Shockproof
– -10° Freezeproof
– Dustproof/Sandproof
– 2.7 inch LCD Monitor
– New Facebook / YouTube Easy Upload Function
– One-touch Movie Mode
– Underwater Mode
– Scene Recognition Technology
– HDTV Compatible Photos & Videos*
– Storage: Internal memory (Approx. 13MB) / SD / SDHC Memory Card

Desert, underwater, in a jungle… It’s basically a super camera! I like the shockproof feature too. Comes in handy when you a sausage fingered buffoon like me!

*Up to 3 metres




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