Get the look: Brad Pitt

17 10 2010

Good day to one and all.

I thought it would be neat to run another weekly feature called “Get the Look”. I’m sure you’ve all seen these before and I’ve been looking at similar articles on the net but fortunately for you, I’m filtering out all of the Robert Pattinsons and similar nobheads littering the ranks.

Ok, so the first case study in the series is Brad Pitt: His style has changed over the years, from 90’s block colours and bleached blonde hair, to retro sharp collared shirts in the 00’s, Brad has always carried it off. So I’m guessing you haven’t got an Angelina to compliment your outfit, but I’m going to provide you with some affordable alternatives:

Brad Pitt in Cannes

So here’s Brad in Cannes promoting Inglourious… There’s something a bit Vegas/Oceans 11 about this outfit… I think it’s the sunglasses but let’s start with the blush pink jacket. For some reason I can’t fathom, society has made progressive strides to promote equality between the sexes, combat homophobia and stamp out racism, but a straight guy wearing something pink just flips people out. It’s really weird. There’s a great article about this phenomenon (try and ignore it’s written by the Daily Mail) and the readers comments at the bottom are gold; one guy who coaches a little league football team gave one of his kids a 4 game ban for having pink shoelaces?!?

I guess my point is that it takes someone that is confident in who they are to wear an item of clothing because it looks good and not what some tool thinks. Brad Pitt is that man. He wore a Blush Pink Suit to the Cannes film festival which is a light fun choice for the location. Uniqlo, Japan’s leading clothing chain make a pink linen jacket (29.99):

Pink Linen Jacket, UNIQLO, £29.99

Spotted Silk Scarf, Tie Rack, £19.99

Ray Bans, Sunglasses Hut, £201.00

The sunglasses are Tom Ford but I cannot find them anywhere! Luckily there are several retro aviator designs that will definitely work. Ray Ban (0RB3422Q) make a pair that have a cool seventies feel about them with the two tint lenses. Finish it off with a grey silk scarf  (pictured, Tie Rack) and slim fit white shirt and you’ve got the look… but do you have the guts?





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