Exercise of the week

15 10 2010


As you know it’s Friday and that means that I’ve been to the gym after work to make room the most magnificent Bhuna I have ever seen. Seriously, I could eat my mouse mat right now so be grateful for this!

So I gave this a go today – one armed cross body cable curls. I’m normally a big bicep curl fan but I thought I’d give this a try.

Muscle groups: Biceps and shoulders.

Perfect Form: As shown in the starting image, set the cable a couple of rungs from the bottom and adjust according to height. Standing upright with a straight arm, pull the stirrup handle across your chest. Ensure that your arm stays fixed, with the only pivot occuring in the elbow. Be sensible with the weight you choose focusing on your biceps taking the strain. It is important that you move naturally throughout the entire movement rather than keeping your back completely straight and rigid. The great thing about working with the cable machine is that it encourages a smooth action and as a result you may not need as high a weight as when you are doing a regular bicep curl.

Bulking up: 3 sets of 4-5 reps at 80% of the maximum you can curl

Toning: 3 sets 12 reps of 60% of the maximum you can curl

It’s always good to add a bit of variety to your gym routine so give it a try. I’ll be thinking of you whilst I inhale my peshwari naan.





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