Dumbing down…

14 10 2010

I’ve been told by a friend that I write like a Victorian, so I thought I’d try and ingratiate some ebonics into the post and see what you think. Thanks to the good folks at The Dialectizer.

WARNING: May be completely offensive, but I’ve not fully thought it through so humour me…

A homey came upside to mah’ crib today. Slap mah fro! We rapped about da damn blog and he showed an interest in digtin’ some fashion advice. Dis gots been some dream uh mine fo’ some time (like that movie with the fine honky chick, but he’s not some hooker and we’s not romantically involved). So’s I’m goin’ t’puh’sist wid dis and let ya’ know how it goes. Who knows… could be some runnin’ feature on de blog! Right on!

Is it wrong that I prefer that?




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