Just spent 69 days underground? Check out the House of Fraser sale!

13 10 2010

As Fernando the miner emerged from the cold hard Earth and casts his gaze across the still Copiapo night, the flash of a camera bulb burns his retina, it leaves an impression which he can still see when he momentarily closes his eyes. It is at that point that a lesser man would have been overcome by the full implications of the media frenzy that will ensue. Unfortunately for Fernando he cannot stop thinking about his Paul Smith Herringbone striped scarf he accidentally left in the pit.

A truly heartbreaking tale. If like our miner friends, your clothes are imbibed with your own filth – good news! House of Fraser are continuing their big sale! There’s shirts, trousers, workwear and accessories on offer for very reasonable prices. I’ve taken the time to trawl through some of the stuff that has caught my eye. Click on the pictures and it will take you straight there! Enjoy.

Polo Jeans Merino v-neck

Alex Silver striped suit trousers

Paul Smith business card holder

Alexandre Black Label purple paisley Jacquard tie

Kenneth Cole slim leather day bag

Howick light canvas weekend holdall




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