Come (chest) fly with me.

10 10 2010

As I do a lot of sports outside, the gym revolves around my exercise routine rather than the other way round. I’m lucky enough to have a gym at my work, so when it’s Friday afternoon (the quietist day as everyone wants to go home!) I drag myself down to the gym for a purely weights-only session.

So with that in mind, I’m going to post a weights exercise on the blog that anyone can do with a little bit of instruction!

So this week I’m going to focus on the chest. Do you ever see guys at the gym who can bench press the weight of a small car but they still look like the have moobs (man boobs)? The bench press will strengthen your pectoral muscles, but to provide that definition, you need to add another dimension to your routine which provides a different range of movement. A perfect exercise for this is the inline dumb-bell fly…

So the benefits of this exercise are additional strength and definition for the pectoral muscles and it’s also a good work out for the anterior deltoid (just behind the shoulders.

Raise the bench a couple of notches from 90 degrees so there is a slight incline.

Ok, so starting in the position pictured left, palms facing inwards.

Keeping a slight bend in your elbows, lower your arms in a fixed position with the only pivot occurring in the shoulders. You should get to a point where you feel a comfortable stretch in your chest; it’s at this point that you raise the weights back up in the exact controlled motion used to bring them down. Imagine you’re hugging a barrel.

To get the full benefit out of this exercise, it’s important to use the correct weight. Don’t expect to be able to use the same weights that you can bench press as you will really struggle to keep your arms in that fixed position. If you find your arms start to bend, that’s your body trying to get other muscle groups to help out because the weight is too high. The way I decide which weight to use is to pick a dumb-bell which I can bicep curl without too much difficulty.

Work 3 sets of 12 into your routine, as well as a press-up or bench press set and you will be on your way to achieving moob-free, strong pecs.




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