Last minute golf shopping!!!

3 10 2010

If anyone tells you that you have to spend a small fortune to take up golf as a hobby, take a gander at this:

Second hand set of clubs, some cheapy Dunlop irons and Wilson woods. Probably from the 1970’s but awesome set of clubs or no I’m still crap. £40

Golf trousers: £10

Puma polo shirt: £12

Nike Power player golf shoes: These were the most expensive purchase of the day, but I got them to the counter and they gave me a further 20% off! £27

Set of 12 golf balls: £4.49

Tees: 99p!

I’m borrowing a mates bag and putter for Tuesday’s work golf day but it’s nice to know that you can get into the sport for about £150. The worst bit is getting started, but you can progressively upgrade as you go once you have the basic gear.

I’ll let you know if I make a complete berk out of myself or if by some ungodly pact with the devil I boss the show.





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