The Lawn Ultimatum: More London Fashion Week

25 09 2010

Happy Saturday Dear Reader.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I’ve often gone to clean my house and when faced with the prospect of going the whole hog i.e mowing the lawn, cleaning out the fridge or vacuuming under the television stand, decided that I’d rather drink dishwater.

Today, as I stood once more over that familiar cleaning precipice, I decided to throw myself over and now I am completely banjaxed/quadrospazzed.

Point being, I’m going to put a nice easy one up for you continuing on my incisive coverage of London Fashion Week after which I’ve promised to watch that putty-faced fiend Robert Patinson in Twilight. Today I’ll be posting some pieces from Edward Tautz who if you’re not familiar, have been making gentlemen’s garments since the late Victorian era and have dressed royalty and many reputable men, Winston Churchill being one of them.

Tautz are generally known for their trousers, but I’ve been smoothed over by the jackets from this collection. Here are some highlights:




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